When you grow up with paintings and art supplies around you all the time, it's bound to captivate your attention at some point in your life.  Luckily for us, Nat's dad laid a foundation in his passion for art early on, and his high school art teacher further cultivated that spark into a raging flame.

With no formal training past high school, Nat has used his father's experiences to his advantage.  He also pulls inspiration from a wide variety of sources (including, but not limited to. . .Norman Rockwell, comic books, Salvador Dali, and Jean-Michel Basquiat).  As a result, his work doesn't really fall into any particular genre or style, and you can't pinpoint a single technique used in it's creation either.  It's more about the feelings that his work invokes, rather than a label or categorization.  He has a natural ability to cause people to wake up and dig deeper. Most pieces will provoke you to question things and start conversations about topics that may be seen as controversial or taboo to some.